Apple bought the company Topsy

Tonight, The Wall Street Journal Reported that Apple acquired company Topsy for $ 200 million. This small company is engaged in the analysis of user activity in social networks and is an important partner of one of the largest microblogging service Twitter.

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The most expensive lawyer in Apple’s history

After the end of a very strange trial, during which the Cupertino-based company was found guilty of criminal conspiracy with publishers and artificially inflating the cost of e-books, the U.S. Justice Department Michael Bromwich (Michael Bromwich) to monitor compliance with court decisions and oversight of Apple within two years. Few would have thought then that Bromwich be the most expensive lawyer in the history of the apple company.

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Several new Apple patents

Lately, Apple has received some very interesting patents that describe the scope of further fingerprint scanner Touch ID and advanced design plenoptic camera that allows photographers to adjust the focus even after she was done.

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Fake chargers for iPhone continue to kill people

A few days ago the newspaper Daily News Thailand Reported the deaths of more than one owner of the iPhone, which died of electric shock, use your smartphone while it is charging. The investigation is not yet complete, but the main cause of death was the version of the fake power adapter that does not meet safety standards Apple.

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Apple won NetAirus Technologies in patent dispute

Back in 2010 the eccentric 70-year-old engineer Ditsik Richard (Richard Ditzik) filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, accusing her of stealing ideas smartphone. During the last three years could not possibly matter to get to court and then, finally, American justice Ruled in favor of the company from Cupertino.

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After installing the Mavericks some users were surprised to find that, under certain conditions, external hard drives Western Digital from time to time began to disappear data. Their complaints can be found both on the support Apple, and the 's products, according to the blog MacRumors.

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"Black Friday" always follows the American Thanksgiving holiday and symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season sales. On this day, the inhabitants of the United States and some other countries headlong rush to the shops, jostling in the queues and make sea rash purchases, because many companies sell their products and services with huge discounts. Are no exception and the company Apple.

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Over the past few days, you probably could not just that at the end of the last in the App Store first appeared a video trailer for the sold application (this "lucky" has become a game Clumsy Ninja). At first glance, this is great news for all users, but Instapaper creator Marco Arment Says that for ordinary developers appearance of this function can cause a number of problems.

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Although the company PrimeSense, which Apple recently Bought for $ 350 million, most known for its chips to capture and gesture recognition in the first generation Micorosoft Kinect, their 3D-sensors used in other areas. Resource MacRumors gathered some details PrimeSense technology and tried , what benefits they can bring to the company from Cupertino.

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Despite the lack of clear progress, Apple continues to experiment with alloys Liquidmetal, as evidenced by the recent patent applications the company from Cupertino, directed to the Office of Patent and Trademark Office United States (US Trademark & ??Patent Office, USPTO) for the current and previous year. This was recently resource Patently Apple.

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