Vulnerability in Chrome allows to hack any Android-powered device

android-trollface.jpgUsers only need to go to the link leads to an exploit.

This was at a conference in Tokyo PacSec said Guan Gong, a researcher from the company Quihoo 360. In this case, the expert only showed how attackers could exploit the vulnerability by not revealing all the details.
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Inside iPod Touch 6

touch-ifixit-1After a long three years Apple has updated the iPod Touch. Let’s see what new can be found inside.

Most advanced iPod of lineup got the same features of Apple’s flagship smartphone. A8 processor, coprocessor M8, new camera and upgraded wireless modules – display only remains unchanged: a 4-inch IPS panel with a resolution 1136h640 pixels. What changed inside the iPod touch in the sixth generation? Continue reading

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Marshall presented a unique smartphone for music lovers

   Marshall_London_Main-760x355The company, known worldwide for its audio amplifier and speakers, presented a smartphone with character. Rock’N’Roll!

When we first met smartphone, dubbed London, could be mistaken for ordinary flagship Android-powered device with a bold design. Such a conclusion would be hasty. Marshall London created primarily for music and every detail reminds us of this. The gadget is equipped with two front speakers – this happens often – and two audio outputs. Such a solution is much rarer. Continue reading

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Mozilla & Facebook VS Adobe Flash

flash_update-100595644-primary.idgeThe second crusade against Flash started , but it is not led by Apple with Steve Jobs this time it is Facebook and Mozilla, guided by their own motives.

Today, Mozilla, the developer of the browser Firefox, has blocked all versions of Adobe Flash. This was done, as always, for security reasons. Mozilla promises to unlock the plugin when Adobe will make all the necessary corrections. A similar practice was repeatedly used by Apple. Continue reading

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Apple is preparing to huge sales of the next generation iPhone

150608_iphone_concept_1Many sources claim that the new smartphone Apple, which is expected to release in the fall, will be using the display, which responds to pressing force – as in Apple Watch.

Another confirmation of the appearance in the next-generation iPhone of new display became The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, Apple has made a huge order for display with Force Touch from their suppliers in the amount of 85-90 million units. Given such a huge order, clearly shows that apple confident in successful sales of new iphone Continue reading

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Apple will refuse using a recovery key

wwdc-2013-app-icon.pngFuture operating systems that require excessive caution will give way to more convenient two-factor authentication method.

With the release of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan this fall Apple refuses to use the security system, which requires a recovery key in the event of unforeseen circumstances, which include the loss or theft of a trusted device and Apple ID. This replacement will help Apple’s technical support to work more quickly in solving of a problem situation, and the owners of Apple devices will not need to worry about the safety of passwords. Continue reading

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What will we need to use Oculus Rift?

oculusIt was immediately clear that the headset Oculus Rift would require the owner of the existence of a powerful gaming computer. However, recently the company has published the official recommended requirements to the gaming system. We offer to read them.

So, in order to enjoy the world of three-dimensional virtual reality using the headset Oculus Rift, you will need: Continue reading

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Apple vs Tesla

Tesla_London_Store-668I recently wrote about Apple’s plans to release its own electric car, it is a distant prospect, however now between potential competitors in this field, namely Apple and Tesla, there is a “war”.

A few days ago it was announced that Director of Corporate Recruiting Apple Cindy Nickola leaves the company and received a new post of vice president in the company Tesla. Information about this appeared on Cindy personal page in the professional social network Linkedin. The most interesting is that the previous recruiter Tesla went to Apple to develop Apple Car.


Tesla is often lure senior employees of Apple. So in 2013 they was achieved this success. They lured Doug Field – Vice President of Development Logistics Apple. From his words, he never planned to leave Apple, but after a simple call Elon Reeve he could not refuse his offer.

As representatives of Tesla compared to Apple, they managed to lure 5 times more highly skilled workers from Apple. Well, no wonder that many people compare Musk and Steve Jobs, because his company more and more becoming similar to Apple, but only in the automotive industry.

As is clear intellectuals are highly valued, so if you want to be one of them, visit to find out more.

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iPad as an extra monitor for Mac and PC

127I am sure that from time to time you are missing one monitor for convenient and efficient operation. Maybe it is necessary to temporarily move to or expand the information desk. Anyway, a lot of decisions – but only one of them made by former employees of Apple. And it works great!

The Apple employs highly trained specialists. And it is clear not only from the fact that the company produces excellent products, and that its staff are lured with unprecedented persistence, but also an independent project staff who went into free-swimming. Continue reading

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Apple iCar

02-Enter-the-iCarOnce again, Apple has announced big plans, this time talking about the conquest of the automotive industry. Manufacturer iPhone is going to compete with the Tesla, GM, and by 2020 to release its own electric car. As you can see, technological giants of Silicon Valley, not just Apple, decided to break triumphantly into the new scope. (Think about the success of Google with its unmanned cars.)

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