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    Microlearning delivered in the flow of work.

    A learning experience designed for all employees and built to drive long-term behavior change.


    Engaging, bite-sized content

    Our custom content meets the needs of any employee, anywhere. All 2,000+ pieces in our content library are topically relevant, bite-sized, and available in various media formats—so your employees can learn when and how they want.


    Backed by science

    Our learning content is developed by a team of content experts at BetterUp® Labs, leading researchers on our Science Board, as well as carefully selected, reputable third parties and subject matter experts in psychology, organizational behavior, and learning sciences.


    Fueled by AI

    Our machine learning content recommendation engine suggests the right content at the right time for each member, helping them in their natural flow of work.


    "BetterUp's mobile platform enables us to provide customized and personalized development to our employees with the efficiency and scale not possible before."

    Michelle Johns, Senior Manager of Talent Management, Equinix

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