Apple – the most expensive brand in the world

The company from Cupertino once again proved their superiority over Google. According to the latest research agency Millward Brown, Apple ® has become the most valuable brand in the world, summing up a line under the four-year domination of the search giant. Brand creator iPhone and iPad is currently estimated at 153 billion U.S. dollars, which represents almost half of Apple’s market capitalization and 84% more than last year’s result.

This is not the first such achievement apple company because in 2010, thanks to its products Apple has managed to circumvent Microsoft, to take first place in the ranking of the largest technology companies and become a “brand you can trust.”

According to Peter Walsh (Peter Walshe), director of Millward Brown, a wonderful approach Apple, combines meticulous attention to detail and a significant increase in influence in the corporate environment, enabled the company to behave differently than other manufacturers of consumer electronics.

“Despite its pricing model, the company is doing the same thing that other luxury brands – supports the continued interest and desire of buyers for the high cost of production”, – said Walsh. – “It is obvious that without excellent products and great experience none of this would not have been. Also, according to unofficial statistics, if a person offer to choose one of two similar companies for work, he prefers the one in which employees have better technology – now the main criterion is iPad ».

It is interesting that 6 of the top 10 global brands are technology or telecommunications companies: Google second, IBM took the third place, fifth place went to Microsoft, AT & T – the seventh, and China Mobile (the largest mobile operator in the world with a subscriber base of more than 600 million people) was in ninth place. In addition, at the fourth position settled McDonald’s for its growing network of fast foods, sixth place went to Coca-Cola, Marlboro became the eighth, and General Electric – the tenth.

In general, the Top-100 includes 19 brands from developing countries, Facebook in 35 place with a brand value of more than 19 mlrl. U.S., Chinese search engine Baidu and many others. And the total cost of the first hundred of the best brands of the world increased 17 percent to 2.4 trillion. dollars.

For his research company Millward Brown used and analyzed official data provided by companies (such as earnings reports and other financial results), as well as polls for more than 2 million consumers worldwide.

Of course, this is unlikely to study steeper Battle Brands carried eponymous site But also quite authoritative point of view `:-)`

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