Each employee of Apple brings the company’s 420 thousand dollars a year

Not so long ago, Apple has bypassed Microsoft’s largest market capitalization, and Google – by brand value, and now the company is once again ahead of its main competitors in terms of annual revenue per employee. This interesting conclusion is based on study research firm Pingdom, for which public data were used Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, a major computer company.

Back in 2008 the list was headed by Google, but now it is with some margin surpassed Apple, each of which employees brought the company over the past 12 months, approximately 420 thousand U.S. dollars.

At the same time, other companies can boast a more modest results. For example, the annual profit per employee of that Google was only 336 thousand dollars, Microsoft – 245 thousand dollars, and Intel – 130 thousand dollars.

And because such a characterization does not depend on the size of the company, “you can easily compare the corporation with a different number of employees.”

By the way, Apple operates 46,600 people, Microsoft – 89,000, and in the same HP – 342600. But provided that the profit per employee HP is just over 28 thousand dollars, you can easily calculate that the employee HP ≈ 1 / 15 Officer Apple. Time to think about productivity?

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