Fortune publishes the unknown facts about Apple

Annex Fortune for the iPad, a new five hundredth addition, available through In-App Purchase for $4.99 under the title «Inside Apple». It Lashinski Adam (Adam Lashinsky) reveals little-known but no less interesting facts about the apple company and its executives.

It is obvious that b of the majority of the facts got in the internet. For example, every time someone in the administrative hierarchy Apple reaches the level of vice president, Jobs said the man beloved parable “The difference between the cleaner and the Vice-President.” In her head Apple focuses on the differences between “excuses” and the daily responsibility of the vice president.

Jobs imagines a janitor and asked him why the office does not regularly pick up trash, what gets only excuse: changed the locks and no keys cleaner – it’s a good reason for those who want life to clean trash cans. And if the cleaner is permissible to explain why something went wrong, then the head – no.

“Excuses mean something when you work a janitor” – Steve says to his companion, – “But in the vice-president of the reasons for the failure does not mean anything.”

The materials are Fortune interviews with many former Apple employees and people familiar with the culture of the company. A few words about the importance of Steve Jobs:

Jobs – corporate dictator has taken every critical decision, and seemingly a lot of non-critical: for example, from the design of buses that pull staff from San Francisco to the cafeteria menu.

After the failed launch MobileMe summer of 2008, when there was a lot of negative feedback about a slow and unstable servers, Apple, Steve Jobs has assembled a team of developers of the service and gave them a real dressing down, then immediately appointed a new team leader:

“You have tarnished the reputation of Apple. You have to hate each other for having allowed himself to humiliate. Can anybody tell me what to do MobileMe? »- Outraged the head of the company. And getting a plausible answer, he exclaimed: “So what the heck Service does not?”.

Managerial hierarchy Apple has dozens of vice presidents, whose names you will never get from the PR-department. That structure, which results in Fortune:

Other interesting facts and stories Code mobile Safari for iPad wrote only two people. The company Nikodym avoid confusion of “who is responsible for what, because at each planning meeting appears the person responsible (in the language it is called Apple DRI, directly responsible individual) and everyone knows who to contact for the project. Steve Jobs on Monday met with leaders to review important projects. And on Wednesdays he conducts marketing and communication meetings. Jobs’ approach to the design and “feel” the product is common to the entire company, even if some staff members had not met with him. Once the project is nearing completion, Apple is making every effort to make it perfect. For example, the soundtrack for iMovie recorded the London Symphony Orchestra, for a wedding video demo crew had to first fly to Hawaii and then to arrange a bogus ceremony in the church of San Francisco. Before leaving for a second hospital, Steve Jobs has hired a “team of eggheads” – Yale School of Management Dean Joel Podolnogo (Joel Podolny) and veteran professors at Harvard, who wrote the case studies for training employees to “life after Steve Jobs.” These studies are based on the latest business solutions and internal culture of Apple.

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