More than 99% Android-Smartphones vulnerable to hacking

Team of German researchers from the University of Ulm (University of Ulm) found That more than 99% Android-Smartphones vulnerable due to poor authentication protocols ClientLogin. On a simple human terms, this means that every time the owner of such a device comes in to your account Twitter, Google, Facebook and other Internet services that use this protocol, information about the authorization for some time stored on the gadget and using certain manipulations can be stolen.

What all this threatens to users? For example, a totally random person connected with you for the same unprotected wireless network in a shopping mall or a cafe can get access to this information and successfully logged in these services on your behalf, repeating this as many times as he pleases, or not yet tired.

Usually, this kind of vulnerability periodically “pop up” on each mobile platform. And in the case c iOS, Apple could quickly close this hole in security, releasing an updated firmware version that most users in a week and a half set.

But with Android and its legendary fragmentation is not so simple. Often, even after another “cheese cheesecake” (or whatever the developers vzbredet in the head called the new release of its mobile operating system) updates already released smartphones have to deal with these companies most smartphones, but not Goolge.

Of course, not so long ago, the developers have already released Android version 2.3.4, which partly deal with the problem – to sync, say, calendar and contacts used a secure HTTPS connection instead of the standard HTTP. But at the same sync picture with Picasa Photo Service still remain unprotected.

And when you consider that a security hole present in all releases Android versions 2.3.3 and below, the problem is relevant for almost all mobile gadgets, running the green robot. More precisely, for 99.7% of smartphones (the own statistics Google’s May 2011).

You can say anything, but the fact remains: the fragmentation – is one of the biggest problems of Android and the owner of this mobile gadget is able to suffer from vulnerabilities is much stronger than from errors in using iOS cache cellular towers or wireless access points that are so hotly debated in For the past few weeks and have been successfully corrected in iOS 4.3.3.

Moreover, we recall that during the hearing of Apple and Google in the U.S. Senate about the personal data representative of the search giant said the developers for Android does not cost anything to write an application that promotes illegal activity, but Google has no responsibility for it can not be held and offers consumers themselves think about such trifles suschimi how to keep their private data.

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