Noise reduction on the iPhone 4 provides chip Audience

Back in January last year, professional techno-surgeons from iFixit identified in the design of the smartphone Google Nexus One two microphones and a voice processor Audience, which governs them. This design enabled engineers to the search giant to improve the quality of the transmitted sound in comparison with traditional methods of noise reduction, and present it as almost the chief competitive advantage of the gadget.

Now let’s quickly return to the hot summer of 2010, at the time of “opening» iPhone 4. In apple smartphone was found similar constructive solution with two microphones. But aside from the fact that the microphones should be used for more effective noise reduction, staff iFixit nothing more could be seen.

They did not even know whether Apple has developed its own voice processor or licensed somebody technology. And all they had – this is one small chip size of 3×3 mm with a strange pale markings «10C0 01S8 0077. It seems, Apple is making every effort to deliver some components of their products by branding.

Anyway, the laboratory staff iFixit have failed to identify the chip and safely forgotten about it until such time as them in “operational” did not get another iPhone 4. More precisely, its CDMA-kind, designed specifically for the network operator Verizon. Here it is – is highlighted in yellow rectangle and located adjacent to the processor Apple A4:

Having decided to pursue the case, iFixit-geeks have decided to connect to “investigate” their least severe of friends from Chipworks, are used instead of scalpels and termofenov electron microscopes and X-ray machines. It took only a few minutes to install: in front of us really low-power audio processor Audience. And as conclusive evidence they give here is “Easter egg” found in the inside of the chip with an unknown label:

This chip has a built-in digital signal processor with analog external interfaces. Such a beautiful picture “internals” courtesy of the same laboratory staff Chipworks:

Anyway, noise reduction on the iPhone 4 very impressed with both companies. They say that this task gadget handles better than any smartphone competitors, in which no chips Audience. And to demonstrate their ability to resource PocketNow took a short video, which is compared to a telephone conversation on an ordinary phone and the iPhone 4.

Difference is significant:

In any case, it is very interesting to see: Do we show any brand new technology solutions in future generations of smart phones and how long the cooperation of Apple and Audience? Because of his win in the first place, the owners of gadgets.

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    hi my iphone 4s is not connecting to wifi and bluetooth and its turn to grey how can i fixed it?!..thanks

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