Robot plays Angry Birds

Must confess that I never thought Angry Birds attractive and did not understand the hype accompanying the release of each new version, though not once tried to pay his due delinquent pigs. Of course, I do not agree with many readers, and now join them, and this robot! Yes, you read that right: the Finnish company OptoFidelity created the world’s first robot, the only purpose of which is in the game Angry Birds.

Impressive? Yes. Looks a bit silly? Perhaps, agree. But still it is much better than creating robots that are designed for war and killing people (what do some of the company at this time). Perhaps that is why in OptoFidelity and filmed a funny promotional video, called “Man vs Robot» (Man vs Robot) and features a duel of two rivals, who play the evil birds:

Despite the superiority of the machine to go through game levels, getting bonus points and stars, the man has remained strong.

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