The Queen wished iPad 2

Nothing human is alien royalty. In folk tales, kings ordered the “wondrous miracle”, but Princes William and Harry showed a brand new iPad 2 of its grandmother – Elizabeth II. Queen of England looked at this miracle of technology thoughts, and immediately wanted the same, and then ordered the staff at Buckingham Palace in London to run to the nearest Apple Store.

After the solemn ceremony marking the wedding of Prince William, the young men briefly introduced the queen to the principle of the tablet and, apparently, managed to surprise the “old lady” that nothing of the sort not seen before.

According to sources, The Sun, she liked big and bright screen gadget, but also how easy to manage, even in 85 years.

“The Queen already has a mobile phone and two iPod, so buying iPad would be a logical extension. She is confident that the tablet does not give her a bored during long trips. ”

Those same sources say that the princes were slightly surprised by this reaction, but share a desire to grandmothers. Especially, it will be the third Apple in the gadget “arsenal” the Queen of England: its first iPod mini 6 GB of it bought in 2005, and then, Barack Obama gave her a new Apple player.

But now Elizabeth will be able to easily read online news, watch movies, play Angry Birds, as well as download attachments and books `:-)`

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