We get 14 free gigabytes in the cloud service Wuala

Earlier this month, a good man with the nickname Alex in the comments to this article, leave a small and useful message, in which he proposed to register in the cloud service Wuala by Lacie. But the interesting thing is that now you can get a free 14 GB of disk space instead of the standard gigabytes.

Wuala is designed for remote data storage, but unlike the more popular competitor – service Dropbox – no need to hold on all computers in the same files, taking up precious disk space. The user only need to send data to the service and download them if necessary.

Advertisement Wuala offer to register for a free account with a quota of 1 GB or select one of moving back plans for a subscription (Pro), each of which differs in terms of allotted space on company servers, and cost. Also, Pro-users have access to selective synchronization, system backup and version control, access files directly from the Finder using the very familiar MacFuse, working together with other subscribers of the service, access rights management and sharing direct links to the stored files.

But you need to do to get the promised at the beginning of Article 14 gigabytes of disk space? Required to perform only a few very simple steps.

To get started, download and install java-client Wuala ( DMG , 31.7 MB) from the official site, and then run the program and start the registration procedure. Fill in the login and password, and in the field «Promo code (optional)» enter 20-digit code, then immediately get an extra gigabyte of disk space “in the cloud» Wuala:

It now remains to go to the client configuration (⌘ +,) and in the tab “Buy disk space” turns to introduce such additional promotional codes that were added to the existing quota for 1 extra gigabyte (except the last one – for it gives 2 GB):

Voila! Our standard disk quota increased by 14 times. The commentary was another code COMPUTER-HOY, but I have not, because he “no longer available.” In addition, the appendix was reported that my flower in asechka went gold conventional account is automatically turned into a Pro.

As is the case with Dropbox, Wuala can still get 6GB free, if your referral link to register all new user (you get a bonus and he is). In my opinion, 14 gigabytes free, with access at any time of the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, as well as two popular mobile platforms iOS and Android, are good enough offer.

Try, anyway, is worth it!

UPD: The article was written on May 3 and left at avtopublikatsiyu, but something in WordPress «broken.”

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