Wonderful guitar solo on the iPad 2

We have already spoken with you about the first music album recorded entirely with the help of Garage Band for iPad 2 (true, normal music, it can be called a stretch), and a few fun accessories for the mobile application. But even without the drum sticks and a capacitive mediator, some users are able to write the great demo tracks.

One of these musicians is iPad-George Lambro (George Lambro), who recorded with the help of his apple tablet impressive video and posted it on YouTube. In this video he plays the guitar solo, which (except, in fact, several kinds of guitars), he used the bass, drums and organ, writing down the party in separate tracks.

Judge for yourself, what was the result:

And even if you are still not taken seriously Garage Band for the iPad, should pay tribute to Apple – the company is constantly focused on how to best help the users to express themselves and engage in creative work on mobile gadgets and apple computers.

In addition, it becomes clear why Cupertino almost every TV commercial mentions that their gadget is the “magic”: in itself iPad offers not so many unique features, but there is no limit to what the tablet can make a normal user.

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