Jobs introduced the Apple campus future

The next day, after a speech at the opening of WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs went to the Cupertino City Council to present plans there Apple to build its second campus. The shape of the building will resemble a futuristic spaceship, but it itself must provide at least 12 thousand new jobs for employees who will create the future of computer and mobile technology.

“Apple has grown like a weed and as you know, we have always placed in Cupertino. In the beginning we have worked in a small office, and eventually got the building, which houses the present day “- says Jobs.

Campus Apple, which is located at Infinite Loop 1, holds approximately 2600 people, but according to Steve right now in this area employs almost 12,000 employees of Apple, so the company must hire more and more new buildings nearby. It is assumed that the new building should complement the existing, rather than replace it.

Under his Apple acquired about 150 hectares, with most of them were obtained after the purchase of land from Hewlett Packard. Big Boss of Cupertino said that the deal is for him a kind of “special” because the founders of HP founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in childhood were his idols.

“In 13 years, I called Bill Hewlett, who lived in Palo Alto, as the phone book if there were no private rooms” – says Jobs. – “He picked up the phone and I asked him for a few details for the device, which is called frequency. He fulfilled my request, but apart from that it gave me something that important. He invited me in the summer to work in Hewlett Packard, in the same department, which collected the frequency counters. I was in seventh heaven. And after the recent reductions Hewlett Packard has decided to sell some property, which we acquired. ”

Apple CEO is going to attract to create the future shape of the campus team of the best architects of the world, but to manage it, is likely to be Norman Foster – known enough Briton, which I casually spoke to one of our previous editions of “The Apple Tree.” Finish construction and open the new building the company expects in 2015.

Here are some facts:

Very interesting project, let’s see what happens.

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