Presentation of WWDC 2011: afterword

Yesterday’s two-hour presentation, note taking and continuous Apple was so tedious that after clicking “Post” I stayed on my feet no more than 30 minutes, and then went to sleep. However, all night (and day in America) people moved away from the announcements and methodically wiping paint on your keyboard, posting news and found finds.

Despite the fact that Apple has refused to use the possibilities of super-duper modern data center to the live broadcast “of his presentation, directors of the company from Cupertino all written and assembled in the shortest possible time. It took only a few hours after the event – and his record has been available on a special page of Apple. Required to view Safari on Snow Leopard, Mobile Safari on iOS 3 and later, or QuickTime 7 for Windows (other browsers should also work).

Observant users have installed an interesting fact – the name of operating systems on the updated page, the word disappeared Lion Mac – now, instead of «Mac OS X Lion» flaunts «OS X Lion».

To operate the new desktop OS will require a processor with 64-bit instructions (in the press release Apple says Intel Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7, or Xeon) and at least 2GB of RAM. Although, if my memory serves me, the foreign users of Twitter have written about the successful installation of previous versions to developers for their old computers with processors Core Duo and even Core Solo.

It became known that the cost of special application, which can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for the conversion of customary Lion in the server, will be $ 50. This is nothing compared with what previously offered by the company – $ 499 for unlimited users. Compare this with the cost of at least 50 jobs + most Windows Server 2008, and will understand how painful Cupertino struck by its main competitor.

But what makes a server application?

It remains to find a few more questions:

whether users of Leopard as a legal update to the Lion and how much it will cost – $ 30 or $ 60? How to put the Lion on the new disc, on which there is no operating system, Mac App Store? What do people with bad internet? `:)`

Have gone further. Despite the fact that this was not mentioned at the presentation in the new assembly Lion there was a feature «Find My Mac», which works similarly to its mobile counterpart. The user can lock a stolen / lost your computer or erase all data on its hard drive.

On cloudy iCloud we shall understand in more detail in a separate article, so now only a few facts. First, judging by the second press release, Apple, the new service will work only in Lion, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (millions of adherents Windows XP hopelessly sighed) .

Secondly, if you have an active account MobileMe, it will be free extended to June 30, 2012 (after that MobileMe will cease to exist). Moreover, users can not now enter into a “family” and even register trial 60-days trial account. But if you have a boxed version of MobileMe and its code was not used – it’s time to think about the refund. Details are in this Knowledge Base article, Apple.

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