Ron Johnson, Apple goes out of

After 11 years of fruitful work, Ron Johnson (Ron Johnson) away from Apple, to become president and chief executive officer of American network of department stores JC Penney. Johnson was hired personally by Steve Jobs in 2000 to create a small miracle – in spite of all difficulties and obstacles to open first retail Apple Store.

It is this person who knows about all the retail trade and even more in the world today successfully operates 324 retail stores Apple, who not only became a person of the company, but also ensure the popularity of Mac computers and mobile gadgets running iOS.

In general, Johnson had worked in retail and merchandising for over 20 years, and in his biography published on Apple, says that thanks to his experience he can ensure a stable growth from year to year for companies with billions in turnover. Ron is going to most likely return to the roots (up to work at Apple, he held various executive positions at Target) and to lead a major retail chain JC Penney.

Judging by official data, Ron Johnson, JC Penney invests in about 50 million dollars and take up his duties on 1 November 2011.

And for you to understand what a person has lost apple company, I would like to bring one of his great quotes, uttered 5 years after opening its first Apple Store:

In May 2001, when we opened our first store, everything was different. Then dominated by Dell, falling prices, was a low rate of return, we were losing money, and alternative retail strategy has been out of business. But we said: “Even if we only have 3% of the market, we’re going to do the job until the end.” And here are three words that we all said then: “You have lost mind?”

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