Samsung wants to see a prototype iPhone iPad 5 and 3

Trial between Apple and Samsung are moving into a new, more interesting phase: in response to the Cupertino provide prototypes of five Korean devices, Samsung’s lawyers have filed a counter petition, which wanted to look at industrial design iPhone iPad 5 and 3 and to evaluate possible similarities with their future devices.

The key difference between the two requests is that Samsung has already introduced its gadgets, and Apple traditionally maintains a veil of secrecy over the future devices. In this story, there are other additional nuances that should sort out. I therefore propose to evaluate the whole situation:

Not surprisingly, the court granted the Apple. Much more interesting that Samsung decided to act in a similar way:

Samsung claims that Apple could achieve a ban on the release of Korean gadgets and it could happen some time after the new iPhone and iPad. Too much speculation, is not it? In addition, Apple on Monday can easily request an injunction against the sale of products Samsung, as they are released/announced and cause confusion with the iPhone 4 or iPad 2. But even if the Koreans will get a work permit, it will not give them anything: all the same products would violate the patent and trademark Apple.

So, for Samsung, it seems, is just a game of chance and a good excuse to steal a few ideas for its future smartphones.


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