The most famous Apple Store will be reconstructed

Gary Allen, one of the most ardent fans of Apple Store , posted on its website an interesting news: it turns out, Cupertino embarking on a costly project to “rejuvenate” his best-known retail store – a glass cube on Fifth Avenue, which became one of the main attractions of New York.

According to city authorities, who already gave permission for the reconstruction of the store, apple company is ready to spend 6.7 million dollars to completely remove the glass panels and complex support structures, to work on “modernizing the structures surrounding the square,” and then reassemble the cube.

Unfortunately, nobody except the Apple does not know why this should be done: due to security reasons or because of simple prevention? Will the company use the old glass panels or replace with new?

At the moment, the workers have already fenced entrance to the Apple Store plywood fence, which is painted to match the stone covering the area and therefore does not spoil the look of the urban landscape. According to Allen, Apple expects to handle up to fall and to open their “apple Mecca” for visitors from around the world by early November.

The modernization will cost Cupertino almost the same amount as the original work on the construction of the glass entrance to the retail store in 2005.

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