A few words about free passage to the Lion

As you probably already know, Apple has organized a program «OS X Lion Up to Date» for its customers who have purchased new Mac computers after the opening of WWDC ’11, offering a free download Lion. Yesterday some of our commentators have encountered a problem when you make application for a code for free download, after which, unfortunately, find out some unpleasant details.

For a start it is worth noting that the company has four versions of this program:

Conditions of the first programs described in large type on the site can be translated as follows:

Customers who bought one of these models, the Mac, from 6 June to 20 July 2011, which was not installed Lion, can upgrade for free.

If you bought your computer in the Apple Online Store, Retail Apple Store or a Apple Authorized Reseller, go to one of these links in order to participate in the program. Remember that to make an application before 19 August 2011 (detailed conditions).

If you can not place an order through the Apple Online Store, click on this link to participate in the program.

Descriptions of the other three programs differ significantly and can be found on the same page.

Prior to this time everything seems simple and straightforward. And now, read up, once they referenced. The full translation of this impressive list of lead is not necessary, so I will note only the main points:

To obtain redeem-code to download Lion you will need to complete the order form and submit an electronic copy of itemized sales receipt, which must be explicitly specified marketing part number purchased Mac (or multiple numbers of computers). Other confirmation, packing materials and any copies of the orders are invalid. Completed forms and an electronic copy of the sales receipt must be sent to Apple until August 19 (and if you bought a computer without the Lion later on July 20, then within 30 days after purchase). If necessary, Apple could contact the owner of a computer for further details. Redeem-code should arrive by e-mail within 24 hours after filling out the form and proof of purchase. Apple is not responsible for lost or stolen redeem-code, and for his input, you must have compatible software (Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and registered Apple ID). Redeem-code can not be sold or transmitted to third parties. This offer is valid only for end users, not for resellers. And, perhaps most importantly, offer is valid only in the U.S. (50 states and the District of Columbia) and Canada, and only for computers purchased in those countries. In Russia, too, can order a free update (thanks to reader Tima_ti).

Details for the other three programs vary slightly.

I would add that update to Leopard to Snow Leopard for $9.99 occurred on such rules.


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