Buying Motorola – money?

During last night was a lot written about the deal between Google and the mobile unit of Motorola, but one of the most interesting articles on the subject seemed to me record «Google’s Motorola buy won’t give it what Apple has», published Eteringtonom Darrell (Darrell Etherington) for GigaOM.

Purchase of Motorola Mobility, Google wants to “reset» Android, but what exactly does this mean? Some think that the search giant will release a hardware-software solution to compete with Apple, but there are several good reasons for this are likely in the near future will not happen.

Any large company, and Apple is no exception, is trying to expand the sphere of influence through buying other companies with the necessary skills or intellectual property. But to add features to the mobile operating system much easier than taking two main parts of the smartphone – “iron” and software – and slap them together.

Since its inception, Apple has developed both hardware and software. Therefore, the company has always counted as a change in software will affect the “hardware” and vice versa. iPhone and iOS emerged and developed hand in hand. But now Google will not be able to create devices and systems that are “made for each other,” except that he wants to completely ruin the Android or release something new to replace it.

Android, in contrast to iOS, designed for a variety of devices. Their creators can customize the mobile operating system and, ultimately, for these add-ins have to use a more powerful “iron”, so that everything works as smoothly as on iDevaysah. In turn, Google also have to make compromises to ensure the efficiency of its system for smart phones from other manufacturers.

The search giant is to create equal conditions for Samsung, HTC and other vendors, without adding any Android specific features that have contributed to their own devices on the background of mobile gadgets partners. Otherwise they can attract a competitor like Microsoft. Given these tradeoffs, Android will hardly be able to achieve the level of integration comparable to that of the hardware and software “stuffing» iPhone .

Other companies have tried to go all the way Apple, using a similar approach, but they also did not work. Comes to mind Hewlett-Packard and purchased by them for over a year ago, Palm, developers webOS. Given the small market share of smartphones in the U.S. – under 2% recent studies Nielsen – Difficult to say who benefited from the purchase.

However, do not forget the two manufacturers of smartphones that do succeed through the use of a single mobile platform. This is a company Research In Motion (RIM) and Nokia, but the last time he lost his former position. The Finns are trying to cut losses by entering into strategic agreements with Microsoft, and the further development of RIM and its products are still unclear. On the other hand, the growth of Android provides precisely because Google is not involved in the release of his “iron” – is making a lot of other companies.

And surely Google can not buy a single platform, closely combining the hardware and software. Perhaps they will be able to achieve something like this in the future as the company has experience working closely with manufacturers of mobile “iron” like HTC and Samsung, with whom they worked on the production line of Nexus. But it is doubtful whether they will seek a speedy transition to model Apple.

Because of the patent portfolio of Motorola, this is a practical purchase, but I would not put that in the near future will “perfect” google phone.

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