New details about the future of Apple campus

Back in June, Steve Jobs spoke to the Cupertino City Council, trying to get permission to build a second campus of Apple, its shape reminiscent of a spaceship of foreign origin. And yesterday at the city site published a series of PDF-files, describing the massive building.

Future building project was presented personally CEO of Apple on the day after the World Conference for Mac and iOS-developers. Jobs called it a “space ship” and said the company will use the experience gained during the construction of more than 300 retail Apple Store , to create a real “monument.”

Four-story building with underground parking will be a place of creativity for more than 12,000 employees Apple. Also, according to Jobs, the new campus the company plans to open a large hall for large-scale presentations and events such as mentioned earlier WWDC, and a separate cafeteria that can accommodate up to 3,000 people at one time.

In addition, the main source of energy for the “space” the headquarters of Apple should be a natural gas and solar panels mounted on the roof of the building clean.

Here’s direct links to these PDF-files:

Entry A plot plan and location Floor Plans Rendering

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