Apple is working on integrating iMessage and iChat

IMessage announcement at the opening of WWDC 2011 undoubtedly pleased the owners of smartphones and upset the apple mobile operators. So why not build in Mac OS X, that technology has become even more useful? It seems, Apple is working on this since a couple of days ago, a developer has found an indirect confirmation of the future integration iMessage and iChat.

I would like to briefly recall that iMessage a new opportunity for communication between users. It will be built into a standard application Messages. app and above all allow you to receive a delivery and read receipt messages. Plus, it’s much cheaper than current rates for SMS and MMS (or even free of charge when connected to Wi-Fi). Take advantage of all the owners will be able to iMessage iDevaysov that support this fall iOS 5.

One of the advantages of technology is the ability to start conversations on the iPhone and continue on the iPad, while receiving access to the full history of correspondence. However, there is a small catch: While these benefits are officially unavailable to users Mac OS X, but the code for iChat Leon discovered two lines, which indirectly indicate a possible change in the situation.

The whole point is that found the field ( timeDelivered and timeRead ) at this point in iChat can not be used as a standard application for instant messaging does not allow the time of delivery or reading the message itself. On the other hand, these features are characteristic of iMessage, making it possible to make such an assumption.

Especially, with support for OS X communication will become much easier and more convenient, because you will be able to correspond with their buddies still on the Mac in addition to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Agree, this step seems logical enough, and by Apple.

By the way, the designers of the company even Teehan + Lax tried to think over the possible implementation of iMessage Lion, decided to combine it with your mail client Mail. app, but using the same principle, the user interface. Not bad, but I would still “digging” in the direction of iChat.

Yes, and how not to recall another similar technology – FaceTime? In the beginning she appeared in the current version of iOS, and after a while firmly established on a Mac. Let’s hope that something like this in the near future we can be happy and Apple, but after the long-awaited launch iOS 5, iCloud and, of course, iPhone 5 `:)`

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