Changes in the iTunes Match after iOS 5 beta 7

Last week, the Apple Developer Program subscribers receive access to beta versions of iTunes Match, with the result that there was confusion: the developers could not decide whether to play music on iDevaysah streaming or not? During this time, several developments have occurred, which provide a definite opinion.

After watching the first video recordings the impression that iTunes Match provides streaming like a Mac, and mobile gadgets running iOS. Then it seemed that the music will be played only on devices, but does not persist in the media library for good.

A little later, Apple officials in dealing with resource All Things Digital denied «Streaming-component” of service and described it as “designed for both downloading and listening.” Despite this, some developers are still believed that the early versions of Match provide streaming.

But with the release of iOS 5 beta 7, it became clear that Apple was right. At the beginning of the track just played out from the Internet, not saved to the device and only loaded into its cache. Now when you click on a few songs one of them will play, and the second – loaded in the background (it will appear next to the corresponding mark that shows the current progress). This is well demonstrated in the new video from the guys of Insanely Great Mac:

It turns out that all the playable songs should be stored on a flash drive iPhone , iPad or iPod touch, even if you chose a particular track, but decided not doslushivat it through. Perhaps users will have to manually clean time library, but after removal of a certain song it will again be available for later download to the same conditions.

It seems that the initial impressions of the work have been iTunes Match is likely due to errors in the interface or other iOS deficiencies on the part of Apple. True, in favor of the opinion that this is not a bug says one interesting fact: in the latest build of iTunes there is streaming and download songs users have to explicitly press the button with the logo iCloud.

Prior to launching the service time is and still can not change time. But I do not understand why for the same operation using two different approaches. But for now Apple is continuing at a heightened pace to correct mistakes and improve the performance of iTunes Match.

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