Server Rack for 140 Mac mini

Apple Xserve abandoned in favor of special models of Mac Pro and Mac mini. Interestingly, the potential of the latter has long since been noticed by companies like Macminicolo, which provide rental services or Collocation miniature apple computers, coping brilliantly with the duties of the server.

It seems that these services are gradually moving to a new, more qualitative level, because the company recently introduced Mac Mini Vault new rack from APC for 48 units, which fit exactly 140 small computers. It is based on the usual wardrobe of a product line NetShelter, adapted specially for Mac mini.

The special design shelf staff can simply access all buttons and ports of a single computer baby.

Every Mac mini is in its slot with an individual wire for the “supply” power and the Internet thanks to a few gigabit switches to Cisco, which can be connected via fiber-optic backbone network channels to a data center or hosting provider.

In addition, each cabinet allows you to remotely manage power through six distributors supply (Power Distribution Unit) production of APC, which, in turn, is designed for connection to a UPS and power generators (in the case of the Mac Mini Vault racks are connected to generators Generac). Unfortunately, it is unknown whether this stand scale production.

Naturally, the company has just introduced this stance, as hopes to find customers for the services of rent of miniature Mac and Collocation at a price of $30 per month for flat-pack (500 GB of traffic and speed of around 15 Mbit/s) and $50 per month for companies with dual characteristics of traffic and speed. And if you have extra $350 a month you can order a RAID Storage Vault, allowing to expand the available storage by up to 9 TB of DAS (Direct Attached Storage, a direct connection to the server). In principle, there are cheaper options.

Why do companies use server model Mac mini? It’s simple: these modifications are computers with Intel Core i5/i7 and large amounts of memory are very efficient and cost effective solutions to simple mail, FTP and Web server, server, remote backup, etc.

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  1. Charlie says:


    I am planning to setup a similar system and wanted to know the hardware that goes in to installing this system such as cabling, connecting the keyboard, mouse, monitor… the system that i am planning to install will probably house 45 mac mini servers… and help is appreciated..

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    Well written. it’s disappointing that it took me so in length to find this web page. i’m getting
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