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Everyone knows that Steve Jobs is one of the most well-known perfectionist in the world, trying to perfect any of the products of the company – whether it’s a device, program, or design of retail stores. I’ve prepared a few examples of an ideal (and not) the work of designers Apple, which would like to introduce our readers.

Over the past decade, design has undergone Apple Store is not a single change. For the first retail outlets were characterized by a black design with large logo on the eye. A little later, the architects began to use large windows, surrounded by aluminum panels.

Now the company gets rid of and aluminum, which you will not find in the design of new stores such as Apple Store on 4th Street in Berkeley, California city. Its facade is almost entirely made of glass.

According to Gary Allen, who published in his blog new note , While working on the exterior of the store architects Apple spent a lot of time to make it absolutely symmetrical. They are specially processed sidewalk in front of the Apple Store and used for a different stone slabs that match the size of windows and interior elements.

And when all the painstaking construction work is finished, it makes an impression on passers-by and visitors to Apple Store , which may have no idea why the store looks so inviting.

In the same shop architects used barely visible grid system security, made from a very narrow horizontal bars and thin vertical strips, which have a minimum cross-section. Grating locked glass case much further, already inside the store, but still provides the necessary security features.

As a result, this does not spoil the look of the store at night (photo by the way, you can click to enlarge):

In the arsenal stashed Apple designers not only the “symmetry.” Japanese Takamasa Matsumoto (Takamasa Matsumoto) decided to find out why the icon of the new service looks so elegant iCloud. As a result of his research, he concluded That beauty lies in its icon geometry: diameter ratio of two pairs of circles used for the formation of clouds is 1:1.6, which practically corresponds to the ” golden section “:

Do you think that’s it? Not at all. It turns out that the aspect ratio of the rectangle, which is inscribed cloud iCloud, also subject to the “golden section”:

Unfortunately, sometimes some very big-eyed users have reported not only on such pleasant surprises, but on different design embarrassment. For example, Matt Binkovski (Matt Binkowski) finally confirmed its long-standing conjecture: a small triangle that appears when you open the folder with the applications on the home screen iDevaysov, quite a bit, one pixel shifted the center of the folder icons:

“I knew this stupid triangle under the icon of a folder in the iPhone was not on the penny!” – Shared his joy, Matt, who just could not believe that this was done `:)`

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