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It has been almost 5 months from the moment that Andy Miller resigned from Apple, but now the company has finally managed to find a suitable candidate to head the department in charge of creating and promoting iAd. According to …

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Apple starts to fight piracy in the App Store

Perhaps in the near future jailbroken apple smartphone owners will be harder to find cracked applications and games from the App Store, apple company since the beginning of another “crusade” against piracy. According to latest information, the lawyers sent to … Continue reading

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A few things in the computer industry that will not change in 2012

At the end of the old or the new year many people love to share their predictions and describe a bright technological future. However, the position of some things do not change from year to year, despite all expectations, and … Continue reading

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Despite the late start to the end of 2011, iPhone 4S was introduced more than 70 countries around the world. However, on this company from Cupertino is not going to stop and, according to yet another press release, published on …

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Creating accessories for mobile apple gadgets that connect to the proprietary dock connector for “dialogue” with iOS via the built-in mobile operating system API, – this is not a cheap pleasure, as their manufacturers are required to purchase an expensive …

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Apple TV has learned to run iOS-application in full screen mode

While the core members of the hacking community in the sweat of labored unattached to iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak for all compatible devices with the exception of iPhone 4S and iPad 2, and Paul Grant, better known as @ chpwn, released … Continue reading

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Apple is planning a special event at the end of January

While the whole community is discussing the possible new iPad 3 and the long-awaited Apple TV with a brand nadkusannym apple on the body, working on ARM-architecture and a modified version of iOS, Kara Swisher (Kara Swisher) from All Things … Continue reading

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From now on, senior vice president of Apple’s design can proudly call themselves “Sir” because he had finally received a knighthood in Britain. According to the BBC, Jonathan quince was given the official title of Knight Commander of the Order …

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Retrospective review of the most significant events in 2011

Despite the death of a Steve Jobs in 2011 was a very productive year for Apple, which has tried hard to become the best technology company in the world, keep up to date financial records and has released many products … Continue reading

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After the release of iOS 5 in apple tablet adds support for new multi-touch gestures to control the system multitasking. But due to the small screen sizes, these functions were not included in the firmware for the iPhone and iPod …

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