Calibrating the Home button in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Over time, most owners iOS-devices may be small, but quite unpleasant problem with the button Home, which is beginning to respond to pressing through time. Usually this does not happen immediately, but after about 1.5-2 years from date of purchase.

On my iPod touch, which regularly serves me for the past two plus years, “lethargy” Home button manifested in the summer. Particularly annoying to have to 3-4 times press on it to display on-screen controls to switch the player and song. Fortunately, there is an elegant way to the mobile operating system to calibrate the Home button in the light of its “physical disability”.

Use the following sequence was found by the authors of the blog and iDonwloadBlog is unlikely that many know about it. After doing this trick you will probably notice that the iOS became more responsive to the Home button in the active work with mobile gadgets.

The calibration process consists of several simple steps:

For starters, you need to run any application that was built into iOS by default. For example, Weather, Stocks, watches and so on. Once the application opens, click and hold the Power button until, until the familiar slider “Off» («Slide to power off»), designed to turn off the smartphone, but do not touch this slider. Now hold on button for 10-12 seconds Home, resulting in a running embedded application should be forced to complete its work.

That’s it Henceforth, the only button on the front panel of your iPhone , iPad and iPod touch to respond to the pressing as well as after the purchase.

I like this trick helped, do you? :)

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