Recent innovations in the iTunes Store

iTunes Store is undoubtedly one of the largest stores of multimedia content in the world: it is free of charge or at affordable prices you can find a number of music tracks, TV shows, applications, and much more. Despite this, Apple is constantly engaged in its development, and this week added a few innovations that I would like to tell our readers.

«Complete My Season Pass» for TV show

A new feature called iTunes Store «Complete My Album» was represented Apple in the spring of 2007. It was designed for users who have previously purchased individual tracks from the album artist and going in the near future to do the same with the whole album at a discounted price (to avoid paying twice for the already purchased the song).

Unfortunately, a long time, yet there was no store multimedia capabilities similar to a television show, but the situation seems to have changed this week after the addition of «Complete My Season Pass». Once the user has logged in using your Apple ID and page will look a certain season TV show in iTunes Store, it will be shown a reduced price Season Pass purchases in the amount of previous episodes.

This will allow to buy “season tickets” to see the rest of the TV show series at a significant discount (as before), but it does not pay for already purchased episodes and save some money.

Removed restrictions «Complete My Album»

And the next day after activation «Complete My Season Pass» apple company has updated the rules for the operation of the function «Complete My Album» and added beneficial change for consumers, as it is written in the new revision of the document «iTunes Store: Complete My Album Frequently Asked Questions» (HT1849 ) Knowledge Base Apple.

Until now, customers had the opportunity to buy the whole album in terms of the program «Complete My Album» (discounted) within 180 days from the date of first purchase of a track that is included in this album. Even in the current version of the iTunes Store user agreement Dann describes limitations:


In some cases, you will have no more than 180 days from the date of purchase of your first song or video on the program of the CMA from an album for the adoption of the CMA-offers. However, updating previous purchases to iTunes Plus format does not affect such a time limit.

The updated document with Apple’s support site says that the limit of 180 days is no longer valid:

How can I take advantage of the Complete My Album?

When you buy individual songs from any album, you can purchase the album at a discount at any time as long as it is available for sale in the iTunes Store.

In principle, three months is more than enough to decide to buy the album, but there are no restrictions – it’s always a big plus.

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  1. Chris says:

    My question is to do with bookmarks…
    I am currently downloading a tv series as the episodes become available and want to know is there a quick way to navigate to that tv show page without having to type it into the search box all the time…I can’t use the wishlist function as i have already bought the episodes up to date.
    Basically just want to login and see what episodes from the shows are available.
    It would be great if you could use a bookmark function or have a personal page where all my activity could be accessed at once.


  2. AspirinkO says:

    I’m always use search, so I don’t know can we use bookmarks.
    But I’ll search this about… Thanks

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