Recent rumors about future Apple products

I have not described on this blog numerous rumors of upcoming products Apple, who regularly publishes other resources, having communicated with anonymous sources, analysts and experts. So today I would like to tell you about a possible change in the future iPhone, iTV television and retinal display to a Mac.

iPhone screen with a 16:9

A standard set of rumors about the future of iPhone predicts a faster processor/graphics accelerator, capacious battery, and a modified form-factor. But the rumored Apple conducts internal testing screens c new proportions, which may indicate a truly revolutionary smartphone update next year.

Instead of the standard display with 3:2 aspect ratio and resolution 960h640 points German resource Macerkopf said about the screen with the following characteristics: 1280×720, or 720p with 16:9 aspect ratio (it seems to display LG Nitro HD) and 1440h800 pixels with strange proportions. Why strange? Because this resolution has no meaning, except that it is common typo, and the authors wanted to write the publication of 1440 × 900 (16:9 aspect ratio).

On the one hand, similar experiments with mobile gadgets to Apple – a common occurrence. Suffice it to recall how Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs chose the dimensions for the iPad. Even if the smartphone with the screen ever existed in nature, it is not necessary that he be put into production. On the other hand, we know that until recently, Steve worked on the new “amazing product Apple», and which may be a completely revised iPhone.


But as it became known that Jobs has found a recipe “perfect TV” and it immediately gave rise to new speculation. According to some analysts, they will be called iTV – TV with built-in attachment a Apple TV. For example, Gene Munster (Gene Munster) from Piper Jaffray, said that the device will be presented in three different sizes and will cost twice as expensive as conventional TV sets with the same diagonal.

In turn, resource Smarthouse insists on the diagonal of the screen between 32 and 55 inches. The new Apple product has to compete with modern TVs from Samsung and LG, but inside it will be installed processor Apple A6.

MacBook Pro and Retina

By the way, iPad – this is not the only gadget that is rumored to be in the next year to get the support of the retinal screen. According to DigiTimes, in the second quarter of 2012, Apple may release updated MacBook Pro. Resource predicts the appearance of the display resolution of 1440×900 2880h1800 instead of the current (standard definition 15 “Proshka) – this company could quadruple the number of pixels on the screen, and developers will be able to improve the graphics in their applications without making a substantial effort.

There are a few facts which indirectly point to this change:

    Graphics card processors Ivy Bridge, which Intel plans to release next year, are known for their ability to support a maximum resolution of 4096 × 4096 px. In the Lion, as we know, were added to the new regime HiDPI, so that developers can implement immediately in 2 sizes of the same image – and twice the normal, as well as the impressive size of the wallpaper (3200h3200 px) and Icons (1024 × 1024 px) .

Interestingly, Apple is not the only company that prepares its operating system for such opportunities. Microsoft is also working on supporting screens with high resolution in Windows 8.

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