A few things that Apple has destroyed a Mountain Lion

When working on a Mountain Lion, developers of the company from Cupertino is not only trying to take the best of the two available operating systems, but also to make sure that users can work efficiently with the same desktop and mobile platforms. As a result, some of the things familiar to us from older versions of Mac OS X, just been replaced with their mobile “colleagues.”

The first thing that catches your eye – is the replacement of a new application iChat Messages (or in Russian localization – Communications). We already talked about this recently, so I will not dwell on it attention. Just recall that, in addition features from previous versions of iChat, and the integration of several major networks, instant messaging (AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk/Jabber) now you will be able to correspond with users through iMessage and make video calls using the technology FaceTime.

If you look more closely, it becomes clear: iCal and Address Book in the Mountain Lion were replaced by their equivalents from the mobile iOS – Contacts (Contacts. app) and Calendar (Calendar. app). At this stage, the changes in these applications are mainly cosmetic, but better integration with the desktop version allows iCloud calendar and contacts on the sensations and opportunities as close to their iOS-counterparts.

Have you noticed that the apple menu item disappeared “Update» (Software Update)? In OS X 10.8, all system updates will be downloaded and installed exclusively through the Mac App Store, which, by and large, it is quite logical. Even firmware updates or new EFI drivers for the printers:

Over time, a wonderful tool Growl was the best solution for users who would like to receive visual notification of the application. I can not with 100% confidence that the integration into the center tray (similar to mobile Notification Center, which appeared in iOS 5) be able to fully replace Growl, but that for a significant portion of users do not need more. I would not rule out the possibility that, given sufficient notice of the Center popularity Apple could connect these components in a future update of OS X and iOS.

The same list can be enabled and the interface HDMI, which did not really catch on in the apple products. The appearance of features AirPlay Mirroring, of course, is no reason to throw all of your HDMI-cables (so far we have to somehow connect the Apple TV to your TV), but in the long term support for wireless transmission of audio and video 720p/1080p can appear directly in the TV (eg, in the mythical HDTV with an Apple logo on the body, which is expected to more than one year). Not surprisingly, the company is actively developing its technology.

Also, Apple has traditionally been decided to stop supporting the “old” PC Mac:

    Any MacBook (Late 2007 – Late 2008) with an Intel Core 2 Duo. The model numbers MB061 */B, MB062 */B, MB063 */B, MB402 */A MB403 */A MB404 */A, MB402 */B. Mac mini release mid-2007 (Model Number: MB138 */A, MB139 */A). Polycarbonate iMac (Late 2006 model number MA710xx/A). The original MacBook Air (Early 2008 model number MB003LL/A). As well as computers with graphics card ATI Radeon X1600.
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