Apple plans to update the iTunes Store and App Store

The network information is beginning to emerge that Apple later this year is going to spend a significant upgrade to the iTunes Store and App Store, which will affect not only the possibility of digital stores, but also their appearance. Over the redesign of the company from Cupertino has worked for almost three years after the end of 2009 replaced the original design of iTunes Store (rather confusing, in blue) the current, more simple.

ITunes and App Store are one of the priorities in the business of Apple. It is not surprising that Cupertino is constantly working to improve them. According to rumors, a major innovation in the stores should be updated interface, which will be much easier and more convenient.

Also, Apple working on speed and efficiency of multimedia content searching, and to improve the “interactivity” of shops, although no one really said what was meant by this definition.

Global changes in the iTunes and App Store is brewing for a long time. Despite the fact that they are a very popular service, navigate to the millions of songs, thousands of applications, podcasts, books, TV shows, etc. is difficult. Most likely, Apple is working to solve this important problem.

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous anonymous sources did not specify exactly when Apple plans to upgrade its stores of digital content. But most likely it could happen in September – that’s when the company holds a traditional apple music event dedicated to iTunes and the line of players iPod.

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