The new Mac Pro is on its way?

Since the last update Mac Pro has been more than fifteen years, so it is not surprising that some analysts began to predict the abolition of the line of these “reactive” desktop. However, the resource MIC Gadget reports that Cupertino wants to upgrade the computers in this year, equipping them with the latest processor Intel Ivy Bridge and the graphics card from Nvidia.

The new processors that will appear in April, is designed around the 22 nm process technology. They will be much more efficient to operate, can boast of 8 cores, 20 MB cache and a low heat (approximately 30% less than the Sandy Bridge). And for the graphics processing must meet Nvidia’s new platform Kepler. According to rumors, Apple engineers refused adapters ATI, as they tend to flicker, overheating and other troubles.

The updated Mac Pro should appear in the third quarter of this year, when the company “will eliminate all the problems with new equipment.”

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