Apple Versus clones and cheat rating in the App Store

Recently, Apple released the evening for all developers warning that cautioned them against manipulation and cheating the rating their applications. After the apple company has recently thoroughly cleaned your store for mobile applications from clones of popular games again, rather sharp question of fraud, the App Store.

As it became known last week Apple has removed a total of 68 clones of popular hits App Store: Tiny Birds, Plants vs. Zombie, Numbers with Friends and Temple Jump was not only very similar in appearance, but even called almost exactly the same as the original Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Words with Friends and Temple Run. The author of all these clones was our very “prolific” compatriot Anton Sinelnikov, decided to make some money on the carelessness of customers.

However, such a fraud is not the only problem App Store, because dishonest developers often resort to cheat rating. Last spring the company from Cupertino have already changed the ranking algorithm in his shop to deal with the model of «Pay Per Install», which is quite actively used in iOS-games, but in the meantime, a host of other ways to “unwind” and the promotion of mobile programs.

According to the resource PocketGamer, there are several online services that use the power of botnets are constantly charged with specific applications and promote them to the top ranking strings App Store. All you need to make a dishonest developer – is to pay several thousand dollars and wait until their crappy software or the game will be in the spotlight.

Here’s what Apple says about it:

Creating a great application you want to know about it all. But if you do maintain it, you should avoid services that are advertised or guarantee the highest positions in the charts in App Store. Even if you do not personally involved in the manipulation of ratings and reviews applications customers use these services on your behalf may lead to the closure of the account in the Apple developer. Acquainted with helpful tips and resources on the right marketing applications can be at the Center for Resource App Store.

In this regard, I have a question to our readers: do you ever become a victim of this fraud? Or can be downloaded application, which turned out to be a pathetic copy hits the App Store? By the way, we recommend for your skin temporary treatment to help you keep yourself in good shape and look more beautiful.

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