How to configure a remote disk access Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme with iCloud

Early last week, Apple released AirPort Utility updates and firmware for their wireless devices that support the specification of 802.11n. In addition to general fixes AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule have learned to provide remote access to disks with account iCloud. I’ll tell you how to configure this feature, as some readers have not been able to do it.

Initial data

For the experiments, and writing instruction, I got hold of “pure-blooded American” – a brand new wireless access point, a fifth-generation AirPort Extreme (model MD031LL / A), which supports the specification of 802.11 a / b / g / n, simultaneous operation of two frequency bands of Wi-Fi (2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz), multiple protocols and the encryption algorithm.

In addition, you must have a Mac computer with access to the Internet, updated Utility AirPort 6.0, but in the wireless gadget – the latest firmware (7.6.1).

The external drive is connected to the USB-connector AirPort Extreme.

== Setting up the Manager ==

Setup begins with the opening of Utility AirPort, which is located in the directory Software> Utilities. As a test AirPort Extreme was completely new, I found it a software update – the good, make it very simple, just a few clicks.

Once the firmware is installed and apple access point connects to the Internet (as they say two green LEDs), you need to select the AirPort Extreme in the Utility and click on the button “Edit” to view additional settings.

On the first tab, “Baz. station. “(hand to pootryval for this location) click on the Add button (1). Next in the dialog box, enter your login and password from your account iCloud (2), click on the button “Enter” and wait until the status light turns green – it means that the AirPort Extreme took your Apple ID and is ready for further customization.

Now go to the last tab “Drives”, set the checkbox “Enable File Sharing” and assign the type of protection is shared disks. You have three options available, you can choose any of them, but I settled on a default option – “With the device password.”

Once you do this, press the button “Update”. And while the settings are applied AirPort Express go to configure a Mac: System Preferences> iCloud put a tick against the item “Back to My Mac». The activation of a component will require not more than a minute.

Almost everything is ready, but now get access to the disk? It’s enough to open the Finder, in the category of “Sharing” in the sidebar to select our device, after which it will mount to the system to any other share.

Now just everything! You will be able to access files stored in your home, from work or any other Mac, you associate with your account iCloud. However, it should be remembered that the connection speed depends entirely on your internet. Of course, the instruction is suitable for the Time Capsule.

By the way, I almost forgot to thank the guys from the “Pro-Apple» for providing for the experiments AirPort Extreme.

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