In March, Siri can speak in Russian

Siri – this is a very interesting technology, which in our harsh realities, unfortunately, is practically useless. But soon the situation could change, as reported to the Asian technology Web resources, Apple is going to update the iPhone 4S voice aid and add support for some of the dialects of Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages.

Here, for instance, wrote a resource Tech in Asia with reference to the Chinese colleagues DoNews:

Chinese technology site DoNews argues that contact with an engineer Apple, which is working to support the Chinese language in the Siri, intelligent voice assistant for the iPhone 4S. This source claims that Siri will be launched for Chinese users in the next month, and now runs an internal test


According to rumors, updated Siri will only support the standard Mandarin Chinese, which is also called Putonghua, so people who speak other dialects continue to be without the support of technology. In addition, the engineer Apple says that next month will add support for Japanese and Russian languages.

Currently, Siri is able to conduct a meaningful dialogue with customers who speak only on the three varieties of English (U. S. residents, UK and Australia), French and German, but on the official site of Apple’s list of frequently asked questions says the company plans to add support for this year new languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish.

In principle, active learning Chinese Siri is a logical and consistent with the recent actions of the company in the region. Tim Cook, and other company executives, have repeatedly stressed the importance of China and its people who are happy to part with “their blood” in the official App Store and is not afraid to stir.

In particular, the latter property has already been demonstrated in the last month, when Apple was forced to suspend sales of iPhone 4S in Chinese cities for safety reasons, and local authorities – to hire the services of the local special forces to control a huge number of people who came for a brand new smartphone.

Apple’s efforts with respect to Japan are also clear – this is a key market for apple company, which in this country enjoys a good reputation and a long-standing popularity among its inhabitants. But in support of the Russian language to me, frankly, hard to believe, since Apple has repeatedly shown that only sees Russia as a country of the third grade (and Ukraine does not consider at all).

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