Key features of OS X Mountain Lion

My first impression of the announcement of OS X 10.8 was mixed, combining surprise, surprise, and feelings are not very successful raffle. However, after reading the press release from Apple skepticism was gone, so I suggest running through the key features Mountain Lion, as I promised in a previous article.

Farewell iChat, hi Messages

After the release of iOS 5, many wondered how to get access to the correspondence on the iPhone and the iPad with the Mac. In Mountain Lion Apple solved this problem drastically: it replaces the old the new iChat app Messages, which is intended for communication networks iMessage and other instant messaging like AIM, Yahoo, Jabber/Google Talk.

The application itself has been significantly refined in appearance: the contact list and chat window with the current interlocutor are now whole and healthy like a similar program for the iPad. The users will be able to switch from text messaging to video calls, FaceTime, chat with several people at the conference and to monitor delivery/reading messages.

You do not need to wait for summer to try out the Messages – beta version of the application is available now for a direct link and it’s the most wonderful (after installation to restart the system).


Self-other, the new OS X is very closely “tied” to iCloud. All that is required from the user is to enter their credentials on the screen of the original system configuration. Supports integration with Mail. app, Address Book, iCal, Messages, FaceTime, notes, reminders, Mac App Store, Safari and so on.

Quite a big role is assigned to the function Documents in the Cloud – now it supports not only Pages or other applications of the package iWork, but even the standard TextEdit. After starting the program displays a list of documents available from the iCloud, although the user can select any file from the hard drive of Mac.

Notification Center and will appear in OS X

Another echo of iOS in the new system is the center of the notifications still known as the Notification Center. General principles of his work remained the same – a single place on your computer, which brings together notifications from different programs.

Access to Notification Center is available by clicking the special button in the right corner of the menu bar, or a special multi-touch gesture, and then you will see a familiar strip of notifications from a variety of programs.

Desktop counterparts iOS-applications

In addition to the functions at the system level in the Mountain Lion will be a number of applications already familiar to us on iOS 5 – it’s desktop counterparts Reminders (Reminders. app) and Notes (Notes. app), which were removed from the iCal. All items created in these applications will be synchronized with other computers on the Mac and iDevaysov connected to one account iCloud.

Interestingly, the new notes, you can add photos, attachments, links, bulleted lists, and attach them directly to your desktop. Moreover, they will be displayed, even if the main application is closed.

The social functions of a desktop Game Center also coincide with the mobile version of this application, but his main “trick” is independent of the platform. For example, you can play multiplayer RealRacing 2 on the Mac, and your friends – on your iPhone or iPad.

Share information with all

In Mountain Lion Apple has added a new and very interesting feature called Share Sheets, which is available for all applications and allows you to exchange information through a large number of social services like Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, AirDrop, Messages, Mail. app, and so on.

Of course, this presupposes the integration of certain social services at the system level. Users can enter the credentials of their accounts in Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo and AOL, then to work with them without going through the browser. While there is no support for YouTube and other Google services and I have a suspicion that this is no accident.

AirPlay Mirroring

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Mountain Lion will feature AirPlay Mirroring, which allows you to display on your TV all that is happening on the screen of your Mac, without wires. However, for this purpose between the HDTV and the computer must be installed Apple TV.

Currently supported stream 720p-channel video with sound, but with the release of a new generation of small black boxes (which I have no doubt) Apple must add support for 1080p. Of course, it all works “out of the box”, the resolution is adjusted automatically and the user does not require anything at all – the motto of “It just works” in action.

Meet the GateKeeper

Gatekeeper is designed to ensure the safety of your Mac, helping to prevent downloading and installing malicious software. Also, it provides control over the sources for applications. You can choose from three options: to download programs from everywhere (and be less secure), use the signed application and download it from a Mac App Store, or it does limit magazine programs dektopnyh Apple.

I think the most logical would be to use the second option: Developers will not be difficult to sign their applications and continue to distribute them either through the Mac App Store, or through its official website, if the program does not meet the stringent requirements of the Apple.

The remaining possibilities

There are several features that were not included in the previous sections, but they are also worth mentioning:

    Apple has finally completely removed the word «Mac» the name of its operating system. Now, instead of «Mac OS X» is simply «OS X». Safari will finally have a single field for entering web addresses and search. A large number of double-sized resource that clearly alludes to the Mac with a retina-display. The system has some specific features for Chinese users.

In general, I have a very positive impression. Now the main question is the following: free or cheap? I would put it on the first option. By the way, and what our readers think about this all the ugliness? :)


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