New update EFI for some models of Mac

Slowly but surely, Apple is expanding the list of the Mac, supporting Lion Recovery via the Internet. Released yesterday evening update EFI Firmware Update activate this feature by 13-inch models, MacBook Pro, MacBook and white aluminum Mac Mini, released in mid-2010.

Interestingly, this update has not yet appeared in the download section on the site to support Apple, but now users can download a small installer package a couple of megabytes in size using the system utility “Update» (Software Update). Before you upgrade your computer must be connected to a working and reliable power supply. The whole process takes a few minutes and will be displayed on the screen Mac, so not worth it “disturb” on or off at this time.

Following the appearance of this feature in the latest generation MacBook Air company from Cupertino to the end of last year expanded the list of supported computers at the beginning of supplementing it with Mac mini (Mid 2011) and MacBook Pro (Early 2011), and more – the latest iMac (Early 2011). Anyway, without the support of Internet-recovery Lion left quite a large number of models of Mac, which Apple eventually draws the attention.

By default, the Lion Recovery allows you to reinstall the OS if it is completely unable to directly from the user’s hard disk, but because they, too, sometimes fail (change to a more capacious and faster analogs), and USB flash drive with the system is in 2 + times more expensive than the on OS X Lion, Apple has added support for booting a full operating system from the Internet.

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