OS X Lion 10.7.3 and other updates Apple

After several months of productive testing Apple has finally released an update Lion 10.7.3, which fixes bugs in the desktop operating system and makes a number of improvements. In addition, the user waits some more updates for the server Lion, Server Admin Tools, as well as the security update for Snow Leopard.

According to the release notes, update 10.7.3 is recommended for all users of OS X Lion and includes general operating system fixes that are aimed at improving the stability, compatibility and security of the Mac.

Among the possible particularly the following:

    added support for Hebrew, Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian languages; Fixed error when using a smart card to log on to OS X; fixed compatibility problems with file sharing in Microsoft Windows; Fixed error when printing Microsoft Word, which use the markup; solved the problem with the graphics performance over previous models, the Mac, using adapters ATI, after exiting sleep mode; solved problems connecting to Wi-Fi after the computer wakes from sleep; Corrected bug that prevented the opening of Safari without having to connect to a wireless network; solved the potential problem of authentication when connecting to the shared resources SMB DFS; added support for RAW-images for some new models of digital cameras;

Pretty good company from Cupertino worked on compatibility with Active Directory:

    improved connectivity to domain controllers in the “read only”; improved connection speed users to domains ending in «. local»; improved reliability update Dynamic DNS (DDNS) for customers Active Directory; Fixed a bug where the user with a login that contains a space, could not join the domain; improved compatibility with circuits Active Directory, which were extended attributes «apple-user-homeDirectory» and «apple-user-homeurl»; added the ability to log in NIS-users with MD5-hashed passwords.

In the extended notes to this release also refers to Safari 5.1.3. However, I could not find a list of changes in the browser OS X Lion. Do not rule out that an updated version of Safari will appear later on the Apple support site as a separate download.

In addition, the Cupertino-based company has released a new version of Server Admin Tools, containing additional application server Lion, Remote Desktop (remote access to computers Mac), as well as two security updates for the usual server, and Snow Leopard.

You can download all updates through the system utility “Update» (Software Update), or from Apple Support on the links listed below:

    OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 (997.01 MB) OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 Combo (1.2 GB) OS X Lion Server Update 10.7.3 (1 GB) OS X Lion Server Update 10.7.3 Combo (1.34 GB) Server Admin Tools 10.7.3 (202.59 MB) Security Update 2012-001 for Snow Leopard (192.73 MB) Security Update 2012-001 for Snow Leopard Server (212.09 MB) Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.2 (3.75 MB)

Have a nice update!

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