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While studying at university I had no time there was a need to work with djvu-books. Frankly, I have nothing against the very format, but the application to work with him (as opposed to supporting Preview. app PDF or Acrobat Reader for Windows) caused some negative emotions. So today I’d like to tell our readers about DjVuReader for Mac.

DjVu is an image compression technology that was developed specifically for the storage of scanned books, journals and other documents with lots of graphics and manuscript items, greatly complicating their full recognition. Also, it is often used to transmit all the nuances of design documents: color, texture and defects of paper jams, corrections, smudges, etc.

The technology is widely used in many ways due to the high compression ratio is several times higher than similar indicators in other formats for storage of color and black and white images, as well as the effectiveness of decompression, which requires an order of magnitude less memory.

DjVuReader was released as recently as January 11, but has already managed to get into the top five best paid apps Russian segment of the Mac App Store. In fact, it is no coincidence, because the application has several advantages compared with the “curves” cross-platform tools for working with this format.

First, it is his “native”: developers use standard frameworks and guidelines to follow epplovskim to create interfaces (Human Interface Guidelines, or abbreviated HIG), resulting in DjVuReader quickly runs well on large documents, supports full-screen mode OS X Lion and the main window looks neat and does not make your eyes “bleed.”

Second, the analogue of a such Preview. app for djvu-files support multiple display modes, allowing the flexibility to scale the document, depending on the size of the screen. Often books are scanned one page, so the most useful, in my opinion, is a two-view mode.

Thirdly, DjVuReader boasts a built-in bookmarks. This feature is often used when working with multiple documents.

Among other capabilities in the application are the following:

    Support for multiple (bundled, indirect) and password-protected files in DjVu. Print documents directly from your application. Search in documents that contain text data. View in black and white or color. Copying a document fragment to the clipboard.

DjVuReader can be purchased at Mac App Store at a price of $5.

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3 Responses to Review DjVuReader for Mac

  1. Alexandre says:

    Hey! Finally a good app for read djvu files! Thanks for the review

    By the way, did you already give all five codes? If not, could I have one?


    • AspirinkO says:

      Thanks for reading our blog!
      I am very sorry, but with the “codes” there was a little mistake. I do not have the right to use them already…
      Sorry ..

  2. Sachs says:

    Nice review, i’ve been searching for information about smooth scroll in this app and founded it in this blog only. So I downloaded it from appstore and it’s really better than other non-native analogues. Thanks!

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