The secret weapon Apple: Bluetooth 4.0

After the release of iPhone 4S users focus was concentrated on the changes visible to the naked eye, such as improved camera or voice assistant Siri. But the smartphone boasts another interesting technology that can potentially be very useful – it’s Bluetooth 4.0, and it can also be found in some modern computers Apple.

What is Bluetooth 4.0?

This latest incarnation of wireless technology for communication between devices that allows computers and smart phones to “communicate” with headsets, car radios, keyboards and other gadgets directly. The fourth version of the specification, called Bluetooth Smart, provides an even lower power consumption thanks to new ways of supporting communication between devices that do not need to constantly communicate with each other.

Other advantages are support for Bluetooth 4.0 high-speed data transmission at speeds up to 25 Mbit/s and to ensure backward compatibility with previous versions of the specification. So your iPhone 4S still be able to work with Bluetooth 2.0-headset, and the last Mac mini – with more “adult” wireless keyboards Apple (albeit not as efficient in terms of energy consumption).

What is Bluetooth 4.0 is useful for us?

To take full advantage of Bluetooth Smart, transmitting and receiving gadgets need to support this version of the technology. And that is good in itself, mean consumers can expect a wide range of attractive price and compatible accessories, which currently can not offer Thunderbolt (it looks like it will long remain an expensive technology, high-speed data, calculated on a more or less advanced users).

About what accessories do you mean? Frankly, it could be anything when it comes to data transmission: high-quality headset for mobile communication, additional GPS-sensors, a variety of medical devices like heart rate monitors or ZOMM Lifestyle Connect (the device can, if necessary, to quickly communicate with relatives, medical or emergency services) and much more.

Bluetooth 4.0 and Apple

While the accessories with Bluetooth 4.0 are not so widely, the integration of new chips in modern apple products can be viewed as long-term investment in Apple technology, which has yet to benefit.

And to move the process off the ground, the Cupertino-based company already is negotiating with its partners in MFi (this is such a licensing program, which provides access to technical documentation, hardware components and technical support for the creators of electronic accessories for iPod, iPhone and iPad) , invites them to send all their forces to create devices that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart, and going in the future to add support for this technology in the AirPlay.

Now the wireless streaming of media data (audio, video, images) can be carried out only between the devices connected to a common Wi-Fi network. But with the advent of Bluetooth 4.0-compatible chips in the next generation Apple TV, or, say, iPad no longer need it.

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