Xcode 4.3 update came out, and the beta version of Safari 5.2

Along with the announcement of Nedavnovnezapnym OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview, Apple has released several updates that are of interest primarily to developers – a new version of Xcode 4.3, which can be downloaded as a separate application from the Mac App Store, as well as the first beta build Safari 5.2 for normal Leo.

The updated Xcode 4.3 has been fixed several bugs, adds some enhancements and improved stability of the environment for the development of mobile and desktop applications. Another notable change was the way to distribute applications: previously, users had to download from a Mac App Store installation package and install the IDE, and now Apple offers directly to the application itself, which simplifies the installation of Xcode and its updates.

What’s new in version 4.3:

    Includes SDK for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5. The new workflow for code signing application identifier OS X Developer (Developer ID). Ability to install the command-line utilities through the settings panel Downloads. Menu «Open Developer Tool» runs Instruments, File Merge and other tools. Additional improvements to correct mistakes and improve stability.

Xcode is available for free download from the Mac App Store, but you must be a subscriber to epplovskoy program developers (iOS Developer Program or the Mac Developer Program), to direct sell or distribute their applications through the respective shops Apple.

Another rather interesting update for developers is a test version of Safari 5.2 for the Lion. It introduces several new features that will appear in a standard browser, OS X Mountain this summer. Perhaps the main change is a common and quite functional input field that combines address bar and search for “screaming” button functions Reader, designed to convert websites to readable form.

Also, users can manage saved passwords in the application settings. Subjectively, Safari 5.2 is very fast on my “prehistoric» Mac mini (Early 2009), although for the sake of completeness it should work at least another couple of days.

Apple did not specify when will the public release of Safari 5.2. Most likely, the 5.1.x branch will be relevant before the Mountain Lion, because the developers were in early February to test Safari 5.1.4.

By the way, I almost forgot! In addition, the section of the site for Mac-developers appeared Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview, designed to create and test applications for the Mountain Lion. The main changes of the steel files editor for Collada 3D, LLVM-compiler, a variety of improvements in the compiler support Objective-C, workspaces, and Interface Builder.

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