New iPad visited laboratories iFixit

It is natural that after the sale of third generation iPad in ten countries around the world for at least one of them fell into the hands of employees iFixit, who dismantled it in fine detail and compared with its predecessor.

However, this time, techno-geeks have gone for a mobile gadget at the other end of the world – in remote Australia, where sales of new iPad started almost a day earlier than in the U. S.. As a “guinea pig”, they got 16 GB tablet with network support 4G (model number A1430), which was incompatible with the Australian LTE-operators.

The rear panel of the unit is not much different from the iPad 2, except that the 5-megapixel camera with video capture 1080p-looks bigger (this is significant progress compared with the 0.7 megapixel camera, installed in the previous generation of the tablet). As usual, we get into these apple gadgets is quite difficult, so the staff iFixit took a good old heat gun, suction cups, and other tools.

Enough to loosen a few screws and disconnect the cable, as the retinal display with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels (264ppi) is alone on the table. The model number on the back side suggest that the manufacturer of 9.7 “display is a Samsung. But what is meant by the square bar codes could not be established.

A few deft movements – and the general construction of detached logic board with lots of chips:

    Red – Apple A5X processor with 1 GHz (like the iPad 2); Orange – Apple 343S0561 (for power management, an updated version of the chip 343S052, which was used in the iPad 2); Yellow – 16 GB of NAND-memory production of Toshiba; Green – Qualcomm MDM9600 wireless module with support for 3G and 4G; Blue – Skyworks 77469.

The company has studied the processor Chipworks A5X (ID APL5498) under a microscope and found some interesting facts. The manufacturer of the new processor (and Apple A5) is also a Samsung, and he was executed on 45 nm process technology.

However, for the sake of setting a pair of 2-core GPU PowerVR SGX543MP4 of SoC design had to “eliminate” two modules of DDR2 RAM, 512 MB each – now they are on the other side of the logic board. By the way, thanks to UBM TechInsights able to look at the “stuffing” of the processor:

And in order to satisfy the appetites of retinal screen, powerful processor and wireless modules, Apple engineers have equipped the tablet lithium-polymer battery is 42.5 W · h The dimensions of each cell increased by 70%, and they occupy almost the entire area of ​​the new iPad.

Also, the guys from Chipworks found that the 5-megapixel camera in the new iPad and iPhone 4 is identical – a CMOS-sensor backlit Omnivision OV5650. The second sensor (Omnivision OV297AA, 0.3 megapixel) is also used in previous products Apple – iPad 2 and iPod Nano with a camera.

There was only the traditional “family” photo on the memory:

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