Applications for iPad: two years later

In the months since the presentation of the first iPad, many have criticized for its funny name, no mouse, keyboard, multitasking and additional connectors. They called the device “the greatest failure of the Apple» in history, until April 3, exactly two years ago, the gadget went on sale, beginning the “era of post-PC». The company decided to Distimo closer look at the variety of programs for apple tablet, which was formed over the years.

Now in the App Store features more than 180 000 applications for the iPad, and their number corresponds approximately to the number of programs for the iPhone, which were available to the second anniversary of the store (at that time there were more than 225,000). The number of generic applications that run on smartphones as well as on plates Apple, for the year increased from 33% to 61%, which is good.

IPad App Store is the third largest mobile applications store in the world, playing iPhone App Store and Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market), although the latter has only 32,000 programs have been optimized to run on plates with installed Google Android.

According to a study Distimo, App Store for iPad brings an excellent come. For example, only the loading of content for apple tablet Newsstand owners spend about 70 000 dollars a day.

The most popular categories in the App Store are still entertainment and games – the latter account for 50% of all the most popular paid applications for the iPad. In addition, successful were free program for reading news and books, education and business.

In February this year, China overtook the United States for the first time the number of downloads of free applications for the iPad, topping the mark of 1.1 million in the same time, Americans are not downloaded more than 1 million free programs. It is also interesting that the Chinese interest to applications continues to grow rapidly, it may be due to a general increase in the number iDevaysov in the Middle Kingdom.

But most of all purchases paid apps or the perfect In-App Purchases accounted for U. S. residents, UK, Australia and Canada. Therefore, developers should pay particular attention to the markets of these countries.

Finally Distimo shared her rating of ten applications for the iPad, which for two years received from users of the highest ratings and reviews. The only serious program, which took first place at the same time, became the Pages from Apple, included in a mobile set of iWork.

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