New update Evernote 4.2 for iOS

some time ago a new version of the mobile client to work with Evernote – my favorite cloud service for storing notes. It is said that this is quite a major upgrade that is designed for users of iOS 5, which offers a redesigned screen for creating and editing notes, improved working with checkboxes, options for new investments and more.

First, notice that the users iPhone, – a fully updated editor for note taking. The last few months Evernote team has considered many options for how to make the interface more intuitive and easy to use. Buttons attachments are now located at the top of the editor, so users will need much less touch to add a note in the photos or audio recordings.

Clicking on the icon «i» in this panel will display a new window with information about the note. It can be quickly set it belongs to a notebook, add tags and see the map coordinates of the location where it was this note.

Get access to the bar for formatting text, you can at the touch of a finger on a special icon in a small bar, located on the onscreen keyboard. You can move the cursor highlight some text, select the formatting style for him and just as quickly to continue the collection of notes.

The new version of Evernote client for iOS has become very easy to create task lists with checkboxes. To do this, select the appropriate button in the Formatting toolbar. Moreover, the transition to the next line a new checkbox will be added automatically (as in the case of bulleted and numbered lists), and margins will allow you to create multi-level structure.

Improvements have been a function to create attachments. First of all, Evernote allows you to put to paper, photos from Photo Stream, if you use synchronization iCloud. Second, the change for the better integrated voice recorder. After recording you can listen immediately recorded the audio portion of it and if you do not like – delete it and then repeat the recording.

Among other changes are the following:

    In the application configuration option was added “The proposed name of a note,” which allows you to automatically substitute the location, date and some other information in the header of a note when it was created. You can also disable saving captured using Evernote images in film (Camera Roll). Various improvements and bug fixes invisible “under the hood”, which make the application more robust and stable.

Download Evernote 4.2 for iOS is available for free from the App Store at this link.

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