Apple Financial Report for Q2 2012

During the second quarter of fiscal 2012, Apple had revenue of $39.2 billion and net quarterly profit of 11.6 billion (or 12.3 to $per share). Compared to the same reporting period last year, the company’s revenues grew by 60% and even the fact that the quarter turned out to be relatively calm, the results surprising.

“We are delighted with the sale of more than 35 million iPhone and iPad almost 12 million in the March quarter. The new iPad is a good start and throughout the year, you will see will see more innovation from Apple », – quoted by Tim Cook in the official press release.

In terms of gross profit (47.4%), the company is far ahead of its competitors: HTC (11%), Samsung (17%), Motorola (25%), RIM (27%) and Nokia (29%). And now I suggest a little more acquainted with the results of the main lines of apple products.


From quarter to quarter iPhone turns into a major source of revenue Apple: for the three months were sold 35.1 million smartphones – a 88% increase compared to Q2 FY2011, and only 5% less than the results of the first quarter of this fiscal year. In monetary terms these figures correspond to a staggering $22.7 billion, representing 58% of the total income of the company!

It would seem, for the six months since the release of hype around the iPhone 4S to poutihnut, but until the preconditions for this are not clear. A competitor, who had during this time several times to update their flagship smartphones, can only envy such high rates.


The second most important product for the company is the iPad. In this quarter, he brought 6.59 billion USD, which is associated with the successful launch of third generation mobile gadget. The company from Cupertino reported the sale of 11.8 million tablets, which is a quarter less than in the previous reporting period, but by 151% over Q2 2011 financial year.

One simple fact to estimate the order of numbers: iPad sales nearly 4 times the sales of the Mac.


During these three months, Apple has sold 4 million apple computers, up 7% compared with the results of Q2 FY2011, and almost a quarter less than the number sold Macs in the previous reporting period. This result strongly contrasts with studies of the major analyst firms like IDC and Gartner, who has repeatedly said the lower sales of the dynamics of PC (around 2%).

The gap between desktops and notebooks Apple declined slightly, but still portable appliances (2.8 million) remains far more popular than desktops (1.2 million), resulting in a ratio of 70/30.


Now iPod has not the best of times: in the current quarter were sold 7.7 million iPod, which is 15% smaller than the results of Q2 FY2011 and 50% less in comparison with the previous reporting period. It should be noted that these results provide basically only iPod touch – now it accounts for over half of all media players sold by Apple.

In addition, the communication took place on the conference call, during which the company management asked questions.

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