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Became available WWDC 2012 session videos

Unfortunately, not every developer has managed to get this year in San Francisco and take part in a rich program of WWDC 2012, which included a presentation of Apple, a number of “small” events like the Apple Design Awards ceremony … Continue reading

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It is no secret that the vast majority of owners iDevices wants to sync my apple devices c iTunes wirelessly. Wants it and Steve Jobs, if you believe Apple is close to anonymous sources. A key to such a wireless …

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Apple Design Awards reward aroused suspicion among airport security guards

After the September 11 tragedy, the staff of the U.S. Transportation Security (Transportation Security Administration or the short TSA) at all times operate in a mode of high alert and consider almost any suspicious objects: shoes, water bottles and so … Continue reading

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Today, the U.S. television debut next commercial third-generation iPad entitled «Do It All». When it is set Apple used a traditional approach and has shown some basic actions to perform to become even more pleasant thanks to retinal display.

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Capacity 13 “MacBook Pro (Mid 2012)

Last week, I have acquainted our readers with the first great test results of updated models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, collected by Primate Labs, but there was no information on the 13-inch Proshka. Fortunately, the output of popular … Continue reading

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Past 14 years, Kevin Kenny (Kevin Kenney) engaged in the creation of a carbon fiber bike as president and CEO of Kestrel Bicycles. However, this month he became a senior engineer in Apple’s composite materials (Senior Composites Engineer). That this …

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Some novice developers iOS-and Mac-software face problems during the application design because they do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to turn your graphic design to working code Objective-C. Because of this, the projects use standard user interface elements, or …

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First impressions of the new MacBook Pro

Representatives of the popular American Internet resources received your test sample MacBook Pro with retinal display immediately after the presentation of the opening of Apple’s WWDC 2012. Although the week is not enough to form a full-fledged review on this … Continue reading

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Recently, the Japanese release of Nintendo 3DS – an updated version of a very popular handheld game console DS, which is released when the iPhone and iPod touch only existed in the form of drawings and prototypes in the “black …

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Analysis of retinal display MacBook Pro

Shimp Anand (Anand Shimpi), CEO Anand Tech, one of the first acquired in the hands of a brand new MacBook Pro with retinal display. He not only had all sorts of tests of its iron fillings, but also wrote a … Continue reading

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