Inventory Apple Store on 5th Avenue [gallery]

One of the main secrets of effective work Apple is a ver.complex system of inventory and distribution of products, making’s retail stores and warehouses are just as many products as needed to meet demand. About once every five days to conduct an inventory of employees, unless the minor points, they can handle in an hour, then at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, this process can take a long time due to the size of the store and its 24-hour work schedule.

Thanks to Gary Allen (Gary Allen), the owner of the blog about the Apple Store and, perhaps, the only fan of the of from Cupertino, we have a unique opportunity to observe the process. In addition, these pictures were some areas of Apple Store, in which ordinary visitors to the retail store does not go for anything in life.

In preparation for the inventory of retail space shall be marked by pillars, and each zone is glued a piece of paper with letters on a blue background:

That team makes the inventory area «U» using electronic devices:

Then the team moves to a lower level, under the public shopping area retail store on Fifth Avenue. Accounting for food is conducted under the close supervision of surveillance cameras.

This photograph shows part of the warehouse with movable shelves that are meant to hold a major product (eg, printers). To identify each of them placed like leaves of pink paper with the letters.

A little further on is a zone storage of valuable products – they are locked up in special “cells.” Notice the black and yellow plates, which prevent the employee zazevavshegosya store about the dangers of bumping his head protruding part of the wall.

Further along the corridor are moving the same shelf, on which are kept spare parts for maintenance and repair products, as well as the racks with a variety of subjects, including detergents and demonstration products such as iPod nano or iPod Classic.

And here are some pictures for the room “genius”, which is called the Genius Room. In it, each employee has and iron boxes with labels, in which they can store the paper, tools and other necessary items in:


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