How to activate the AirPlay to Airfoil Speakers Touch

Over the past few weeks, we turned an interesting and somewhat indicative history, which was attended by Apple, Airfoil application developers, and other factors, of which I would like to tell in this article. And as a bonus – to help activate the AirPlay to the current version of the application Airfoil Speakers Touch for iOS.

So there you go. This story began back in April when a team of developers Rogue Amoeba, known for its famous application Airfoil (our review), has released a new version of the mobile receiver Speakers Touch (App Store). Among the various improvements and an updated interface, an application received direct support for the protocol AirPlay, used by Apple for wireless streaming audio and video to an.compatible device. New function had to be purchased in a separate Speakers Touch In-App Purchase for $2.99.

This situation is all suited up until last week, when most of the blogs published “shocking news” about the exile Speakers Touch from the App Store for an unknown reason. There were eve.completely absurd assumption that the program duplicates the functionality of future iOS 6, so from Cupertino has decided in advance to get rid of .competitor.

In this regard, one of the readers of the blog Cult Of Mac Starbird named Kevin (Kevin Starbird) Tim Cook wrote an e-mail, which asked him to explain the decision. But instead of the head of it said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing. According to him, the developers of Rogue Amoeba by adding support for AirPlay use private API, which violated the agreement with Apple. Therefore, the mobile application has been withdrawn from the App Store, and the developers were asked to fix this problem (which they actually did in the last update Airfoil Speakers Touch).

But in a blog Rouge Amoeba came the answer to Phil Schiller. First, they said they did not use private API and write all the code yourself by reverse-engineering. Second, the license granted only to producers AirPlay “iron” and not the creators of software (and get sane response from Apple about acquiring such a license for your application, they could not). Third, reverse-engineering of devices and protocols is a “long-standing legal tradition and law,” so the developers are very upset with Apple.

In my opinion these claims are not justified at least – AirPlay (previously AirTunes) has never been an open protocol and is used exclusively by apple in their own interests. Rules of the game, too, sets Apple. So I would not be surprised if we will wait for the continuation of the story.

In conclusion, this article I would like to tell you how to enable support for AirPlay Speakers Touch – this code seems to have been left in the final version of the application. This method is found Trogton Steven Smith (Steven Troughton-Smith), who at one time engaged in porting Siri on the iPhone 4.

To do this we need:

Freeware application iExplorer, which allows you to perform miracles with some areas of the filesystem iDevaysov without jailbreaking. Special rogueamoeba. airfoilspeakerstouch. plist (ZIP), activating AirPlay support in the application.

The sequence of steps is simple to ugliness:

To start loading files on the links above, unpack PLIST-file and run the application. Your iPhone /iPad/iPod touch must be connected via USB-cable to Select iDevaysov, go to the folder Apps> Speakers> Library> Preferences (in the screenshot above) and create a just in case, backup the original rogueamoeba. airfoilspeakerstouch. plist. For example, drag it to the desktop or any folder on Drag the unzipped *. Plist in the Preferences folder on the iDevaysov and replace the original file. Exit iExplorer, run the program Airfoil Speakers Touch, switch to iTunes and see that the status bar, a new AirPlay-enabled device:

Now we can transfer music from iTunes directly on the iPhone , without wires (even buying a license for desktop version of Airfoil is not required):

Finally, I would advise you to keep the current version of Airfoil Speakers Touch for iOS. Suddenly, developers into his head to remove the code in future versions of the application.


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  1. Andrew says:

    I find these instructions very confusing. I cannot follow them and I am very computer literate. Perhaps I am just overlooking something obvious (typical for me) but I do not believe this is the case this time.

  2. Andrew says:

    Does this work with version 3.2.0? I know on iTunes it only says 3.1.1 but the app says 3.2.0. It doesnt seem to work on that version for me but i did get it to work on 3.0.0

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