IFixit got to the new Apple laptops

ifixit_logo While most of us only dream to get into the hands of the updated model of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, «techno-freaks” from iFixit has already brought them to his lab and in the best traditions of the genre made a photo session, slowly pulling out of the apple laptop computer innards one layer after another.

“Opening» MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air (model number A1466) has changed slightly, but some things are worth noting. Perhaps chief among them is an updated SSD-module.


Apple changed the design connectors for a flash drive, so the SSD-party modules were not compatible with this generation airs. The speed record at the new SSD is close to 500 MB/s and such a construction slot, most likely, was used to speed up data transfer.



Also, employees are interested in iFixit some more details:

    new processor microarchitecture Ivy Bridge; Fast RAM with FSB 1600 MHz; USB 3.0; as well as more subtle MagSafe connector 2, which Apple specifically designed to reduce the thickness of their notebooks.


But all of these updates virtually no effect on the internal layout of MacBook Air (I suspect that with the usual MacBook Pro is a similar situation). The traditional picture to remember:


MacBook Pro with retina

Of greatest interest, of course, is the revolutionary design of the MacBook Pro with retinal display. But its unique design places significant restrictions on the owners of these laptops for upgrade possibilities. And we are willy-nilly to get used to the fact that we are unable to repair or upgrade the laptop at home.



Of course, we were never able to upgrade the processor in apple laptops, but their design allows for a small curvature of the arms at least to increase the RAM, hard disk or change the battery. But with each update Pro/Air, some of these actions to perform more and more difficult (appropriate to recall the impossibility of replacing the memory, or a very low estimate maintainability in the last three generations of the MacBook Air).

Now, Apple engineers have surpassed themselves. Here are the most interesting moment of the “opening” of the new MacBook Pro with retinal display (model number A1398).

For the most difficult access to the internal laptop was used “evil” screws Pentolabular (exactly the same as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the MacBook Air). This means that you need a special screwdriver just to remove the bottom cover.



Ensure that the old days of battery life in the presence of such a screen can only be due to a more powerful set of lithium polymer batteries with total capacity of 95 W ∙ h (instead of 77.7 hours last Tues ∙ MBP).


The good news: in construction decreased the number of screws. The bad news: the number has increased in direct proportion to the adhesive. Therefore, in particular, do not try to detach the battery from the case – cable runs beneath the trackpad, which is very easy to break.


As in the case of the MacBook Air, SSD-drive of 512 GB is connected to the motherboard via a special connector, which are not compatible modules from other manufacturers. But if it is at least in theory can be replaced by something else in the future…


RAM… it just will not be able to build up, because it is “firmly” soldered to the logic board – this is another engineering decision, which came from the design of MacBook Air (slim series of 16 modules, Hynix H5TC2G83CFR DDR3L SDRAM on both sides of the motherboard). So when you buy you should definitely think about – whether you have enough RAM, 8 GB, going by default, or is it a search for BTO-Proshka with 16 GB of RAM?



Detach the display from the top of the lid does not work, because the aluminum casing, IPS-panel camera iSight, antenna Wi-Fi and Bluetooth permanently bonded to each other. If something happens to the screen – and he did not even open the protective glass, as in previous models – it is necessary to change the whole “sandwich” in full (I think it would be expensive and highly dubious pleasure).


For all these reasons, iFixit have put the new MacBook Pro the lowest rating of all possible maintainability – 1/10.

Among other interesting observations:

    AirPort-card in the construction of new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are similar. They are chips Broadcom BCM4331 (802.11n with the simultaneous operation of two wireless bands) and the Broadcom BCM20702 (Bluetooth 4.0 with support for Bluetooth Low Energy). Asymmetrical blade really need to reduce the noise level, and the cooling system as a whole looks good (as it will in practice – time will tell). Under the left speaker, there are two microphones – is rumored to be a MEMS-microphone Knowles S885 – the recorded sound is processed by a special algorithm to reduce noise.


I almost forgot – one more picture to remember:


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