Apple has increased the number of supported external displays in the new Pro and Air

thunderbolt-display-icon Previously, owners of MacBook Pro if required to connect to a laptop 2 external monitors required to buy expensive third-party adapters, or invent their own “crutches.” The emergence of high-speed port Thunderbolt solve this problem, but it raised a new one: what if the user wants to connect 3 external display?

Fortunately, the power of graphics retinal MacBook Pro is enough to simultaneously display a picture of four display in native resolution (!) – A built-in (with the option «Best for Retina») and three external. For this experiment, employees of the company Other World Computing attached to a brand new Proshka two 27-inch iMac with a screen resolution pixels 2560h1440 Thunderbold ports and a single monitor resolution of 1920×1200 LG c points via HDMI.

System performance was impressive: “Moving image or media file does not create any brakes or lags, and we were able to play videos on all four screens simultaneously.”


Apple confirmed this possibility of a new revision of the document «Thunderbolt ports and displays: Frequently asked questions», which can be found on the site’s support. According to this document, all the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (as well as last year’s iMac and Mac mini) supports two two external display.


But there are retinal Proshka port HDMI, so you can connect an external monitor third.

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