Set maximum resolution for retinal display MacBook Pro

retina-icon Despite the fact that the native resolution of the new MacBook Pro with a retinal display is fantastic 2880 × 1800 pixels, Apple does not allow it to install via System Preferences, limited to a set of several preset options – from 1440x900px option «Best for Retina» up to 1920 × 1200 pixels in manual mode scaling. However, there are several ways to run OS X with the maximum resolution.

The first method involves the use of paid and shareware-programm SwitchResX. Among the many (useful right?) functions it is possible to switch the screen resolution “on the fly” from the menu bar. Its price is 14 euros.

Fortunately, the second method is more “humane” in relation to the purse just spent the owner of MacBook Pro with retinal display – a simple and free utility from razrabotchitsy Wineskin nick doh123, which she presented on the site of the project:

This post is not associated with Wineskin, and the new Retina MacBook Pro, which does not allow to change the resolution for real. I created a small application (ZIP, 365 KB) based on the utility WSReso, which I wrote for older versions of Wineskin to change the screen resolution when RandR has been part of XQuartz.

As I use a GUI Applescript, so you can change the resolution not only on the retinal screen MacBook Pro, but on any other computer, Mac. The utility is very simple, but effective.

And if you need to run OS X at the maximum resolution is automatically set, add another application (ZIP, 57 KB) in startup.

Popular resource MacWorld has already test the utility of this. The first tests have shown that Apple did wisely not allowing to activate the native resolution – the text and all user interface elements look so small that after prolonged use, users may get worse vision (available by clicking pictures at full size, 1.2 MB ):


By the way, as noted by the Irish developer Trogton Steven Smith (Steven Troughton-Smith), Microsoft is not so concerned about the sight of their users – Windows «out of the box” makes good use of every pixel retinal display. This requires to go to the Control Panel, and in a snap “Adjust screen resolution” to select the desired option.

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  1. Ethan Hawk says:

    Can you help me change the settings of my Macbook without paying? Do you have other options? This is really important. Thanks!

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