Inside the new Apple Store in Barcelona [gallery]

Today in Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia opened one of the largest Apple Store in Europe. I have already acquainted the reader with its unique enclosure, made in the style of the work of Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, and now was time to look inside the renovated building. Fortunately, the opportunity was not long before the Apple retail store filled with hundreds of tourists and locals.

Despite the lack of eye-catching signage that could irreversibly damage the historic facade of the building, visitors to the center of Barcelona simply can not fail to notice a corporate logo of the company from Cupertino, which is located directly above the main entrance to the new Apple Store:

From the perspective of the interior, it is the style of other U. S. and European apple retail company. About half of the first floor area occupied by 12 wooden tables with the iPhone and iPad, arranged in three rows.

The second half of the floor occupied by tables with a Mac. Most of them – with different models of apple laptops, and only one table set aside under the iMac.

At the end of the hall are two spacious glass stairs, one of which leads to the second floor and the second – in the basement. It has no analogues in the world, because on one side surrounded by a “wall” of glass panels, employees, also support for the steps.

The second floor is the largest in Spain, Genius Bar, and much smaller tables for training users on the program «One to one».

The balconies offer great views not only on the first floor of the new Apple Store, but also in the area of ??Catalonia.

Also, on the second floor is a room for briefing and working with partners on the program for a small business under the name of Joint Venture.

A virtual tour of the second Apple Store Barcelona would be incomplete if we did not look in the basement that houses all kinds of accessories for Mac computers and mobile gadgets – iPhone, iPod and iPad.

By the way, the store was preparing himself for the opening Brouett John (John Browett) – a new vice president of Apple’s retail trade, which will replace Ron Johnson.

For him, this debut, it seems, turned out to be successful.

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